13 steps

Step 1: In your hands a deck of cards.

Step 2: Do you offer to anyone who wishes to withdraw about one third of the deck cards and put them side by side.

Step 3: Then remove the offer is still about the same. The result is three roughly equal stacks.

Step 4: Next, you take one of the stacks of cards and stirred it.

Step 5: Then, the second stack and take, as well stir the card, place it on top of the first stack.

Step 6: Remove from the stack to get more top card and show its viewers, but they do not look at the map. Returns to the map back to the stack.

Step 7: Take a stack of the third and stirred her card.

Step 8: puts it on top of a big pile.

Step 9: rotate the map to his face and, having touched them, to find the map that shows the audience. Spectators confirm that this is the map! How do you find the right card, which did not even see, among all the other cards?

Step 10: Your secret is that before focus you shared all the cards on the red and black.

Step 11: After that, put a pile of black cards on a stack with red cards.

Step 12: As a result, when the viewer deck of cards divided into three roughly equal stacks, turned a pile of black cards, one - with red, and one - with cards of both colors. First you mixed stack of different cards, it might confuse everybody if this stack was back in the center of the deck, but you put it down the deck. Over the same Mixed cards you put a stack of red cards. That is, as it were, a second stack was not you mixed upper map shows viewers exactly will be red.

Step 13: On top of the red cards you put only black. Because again, it does not matter how the cards were shuffled. So, then everything is easier - the card that the audience will remember - this is a red card, which proved to be the last before the black - lying on top of the deck. The main thing is do not let the audience a chance to see the front side of all cards. And also, do not mix, when the focus of the show, red or black stack with a stack of cards with both colors. And an amazing trick you will definitely impressive!

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