The disappearance of the handle

Step 1: There is a pen in your hands. In front of you is a sheet of paper.

Step 2: You write on the sheet the words Magic

Step 3: Put the handle on the edge of the sheet and fold the sheet with a tube.

Step 4: You blow on a paper tube and crush it into a ball. The pen has evaporated in front of everyone !!!

Step 5: How can I get the pen to evaporate? When preparing for the focus, you must take an ordinary pen.

Step 6: And take it apart.

Step 7: Next, take a piece of self-adhesive film, equal in length to the tube from the handle.

Step 8: Peel off the film from the paper.

Step 9: And carefully roll the tube into the correct diameter.

Step 10: That's it!

Step 11: Then detach or cut off the top part, leaving a little ink in it.

Step 12: Insert the rod into the tip of the handle. Get the clay.

Step 13: Tear off two small pieces from plasticine and give them the desired shape.

Step 14: Press one of the pieces of plasticine into the tip of the handle.

Step 15: A second piece of plasticine should be glued to the tip of the handle.

Step 16: Attach the handle spigot to the tube.

Step 17: Attach the last part to the handle.

Step 18: On the part of such a pen can not be distinguished from the present. Especially since she can write for a while. And crumpling such a pen together with paper - it will not be difficult! The delight of the audience is assured!

Lesson added by Kristik Delik