15 steps

Step 1: On your table are three thin handkerchiefs and a clear tube.

Step 2: Stuff the first handkerchief into the tube.

Step 3: Like this.

Step 4: Take the second handkerchief.

Step 5: Stuff it into the tube.

Step 6: Now turn the tube over.

Step 7: And from the other end, stuff in the third handkerchief.

Step 8: The result looks like this.

Step 9: And now blow or pull out the handkerchiefs from the tube.

Step 10: They are tied to one another!

Step 11: And you, after all, simply stuffed the handkerchiefs into a completely clear tube in front of everyone. Your cleverness knows no limits!

Step 12: And the secret consists of simply two small, thin rubber bands.

Step 13: Before performing the magic trick, place the rubber bands on each end of the tube.

Step 14: Everything is ready.

Step 15: While doing the magic trick, leave the ends of the first handkerchief sticking out of the tube slightly. As you begin the stuff in the second handkerchief, inconspicuously release the rubber band onto the ends of both at once. The ends of the handkerchiefs are now attached by the rubber band, but from the side they appear to be tied together.

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