21 steps

Step 1: Show the box to your audience.

Step 2: Turn the box over as shown in the photos, opening the front and back sides.

Step 3: Close the sides of the box and turn it over.

Step 4: The audience is convinced the box is empty, having seen so with their own eyes. Now is the time to say a magic word.

Step 5: Reach through the top opening of the box and pull out a handkerchief! The audience is surprised, but the handkerchief is only the beginning!

Step 6: Reach in again, but this time, pull out a canister.

Step 7: And then a snake appears!

Step 8: Put your hand back into the box one final time. This time, say something like “I can’t pull it out” and act as though you are having trouble taking out the next object.

Step 9: Now open the front side of the box to reveal a miracle: a large jar is standing inside the box!

Step 10: Now take the jar out of the box, demonstrating that the jar has a bottom and a lid. How did so many objects get inside the empty box? Are you truly a magician? How were the objects hidden when you turned the box over and opened it???

Step 11: Now we’ll reveal the secret step by step. First, take a small canister without a bottom.

Step 12: Next take a soft snake toy and roll it up. Place it into the canister so that a small part remains outside.

Step 13: Fold up the handkerchief.

Step 14: Wrap the handkerchief around the canister.

Step 15: Place the canister and handkerchief into a large jar.

Step 16: On one side of the jar attach a piece of double-sided foam tape. Attach a slightly shorter second piece onto the first piece so that a small section of the first piece is visible at the bottom.

Step 17: Place the lid on the bottom of the jar so that it is lightly fixed to the lower piece of tape.

Step 18: Make a box with front and back sides that swing upward (hinged at the top). On the top of the box cut out a large square opening. Cover the inside of the front hinged wall of the box with double stick tape. In fact you can cover the whole inside of the box.

Step 19: Attach the jar to the tape. When you make the audience believe you are having trouble taking out the jar, you are in fact detaching it from the tape and putting on the lid. (That is why the lid should be only lightly attached to the jar).

Step 20: When preparations are done, demonstrate to your audience that the box is empty in the manner shown in the photos. The audience thinks they have seen the box from all sides, but the inside of the front hinged wall was always hidden from view.

Step 21: Secure the jar with your fingers when you turn the box upside down. With a little practice, you’ll be ready to make some magic!

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