Significant Changes in EV Industry: Musk’s Bold AI Stance and Asian Market Evolution

This week, the electric vehicle (EV) industry has been buzzing with significant developments. From Elon Musk’s bold stance on AI in Tesla to BYD’s aggressive expansion in Southeast Asia, and VinFast’s strategic adaptations, the landscape of electric vehicles is witnessing transformative changes.

Musk’s AI Ultimatum: A Game-Changer for Tesla

Elon Musk, the innovative CEO of Tesla Inc., has set the industry abuzz with his demand for increased voting control within the company. Owning 13% of Tesla, Musk expressed his reservations about further advancing the company’s role in artificial intelligence and robotics without securing at least a 25% voting control. This move is seen as a strategic step to ensure Musk’s influence in key areas of Tesla’s future endeavors in technology.

The proposition comes against the backdrop of Musk’s recent sale of Tesla shares to fund the acquisition of Twitter, adding layers of complexity to his pursuit of greater control. Musk’s vision for Tesla extends beyond electric vehicles, venturing into AI and robotics, areas he believes are vital for the company’s future growth. His suggestions of a dual-class share structure may face hurdles due to the company’s IPO commitments.

Tesla’s Response to Regulatory Changes and China Market Strategy

In a strategic response to the new U.S. government regulations regarding electric vehicle driving-range estimates, Tesla has updated its figures across various models. The adjustments, including a significant reduction in the estimated range of the Model S Plaid, align with the government’s push for transparency in real-world performance metrics. This move reflects Tesla’s commitment to regulatory compliance and consumer transparency.

Expanding its global reach, Tesla announced plans for a grand tour across China to showcase its much-anticipated Cybertruck. Despite regulatory challenges in making the Cybertruck road-legal in China, this move signals Tesla’s strong commitment to one of its largest markets. The tour aims to build excitement and anticipation for Tesla’s innovative products in the Chinese market.

BYD’s Assertive Expansion in Southeast Asia

BYD Co Ltd, having surpassed Tesla to become the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, is now turning its focus to Southeast Asia. With a record 3.02 million EV sales in 2023, mostly in the Chinese market, BYD is strategically entering Southeast Asian markets with affordable and innovative models.

In Indonesia, BYD has launched three new models – the Dolphin hatchback, Atto 3 SUV, and Seal sedan – targeting the country’s burgeoning electric vehicle market. These models complement BYD’s existing lineup of electric buses and taxis, showcasing the company’s diverse range of EV offerings.

Further consolidating its presence, BYD’s Thai distributor, Rever Automotive, is planning a significant expansion. The aim is to triple dealership presence by 2025, marking a bold move to solidify BYD’s foothold in Thailand, which is already a significant contributor to its international sales.

VinFast’s Ambitious Plans Despite Delivery Challenges

Vietnamese EV maker VinFast has faced hurdles in meeting its ambitious target of 40,000 car deliveries in 2023. Factors such as slow EV adoption rates, intense competition, and an uncertain economic landscape have impacted their performance. However, the company reported a substantial increase in deliveries in the last quarter of 2023, showcasing resilience and potential for growth.

VinFast’s ambitions don’t end here. The company recently announced plans to expand its manufacturing and battery production capabilities into India. Additionally, VinFast is eyeing new markets in the Middle East, Latin America, and other Asian countries, including Indonesia, as part of its global expansion strategy.


The recent developments in the electric vehicle industry underscore the dynamic and evolving nature of this sector. Elon Musk’s strategic maneuvering within Tesla, BYD’s assertive expansion in Southeast Asia, and VinFast’s perseverance in the face of challenges, all signify a period of intense innovation and competition in the EV market.

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