16 steps

Step 1: Take a medium-sized coin and try to stand it on its edge on the rim of a cup. If you can do this, then your dexterity is to be envied!

Step 2: But what if you were challenged to balance two coins–not one–plus a pair of forks? Sounds difficult? Surprisingly, doing this trick is actually much easier than balancing just one coin.

Step 3: With enough patience and effort, you can balance two coins and forks on the edge of a cup even while pouring liquid from that cup into another.

Step 4: Secret: Put the two coins together, or simply use one thick coin.

Step 5: Take a fork and wedge the coins between the center tines.

Step 6: It should look like this.

Step 7: Wedge the coins in as deep as you can–they should be held firmly by the tines of the fork.

Step 8: Take the second fork, place it flush with the other fork, and secure it onto the coins in the same way.

Step 9: The resulting object should look like this.

Step 10: Now try to balance the whole thing with the edge of the coins on the edge of the cup. It might take a few tries.

Step 11: Like this!

Step 12: Now take the cup and pour out its contents.

Step 13: You can pass the coin-and-fork object to another cup and repeat the trick.

Step 14: See, it’s entirely possible!

Step 15: Surprising that this trick can be done without having the dexterous hands or talents of a magician? The reason is that the trick is based on science, not on deceptions or magic tricks. Very simply, the center of gravity of the combined object lies below its point of rest, giving it stability.

Step 16: You can even gently move the cup, causing the “yoke” to rock back and forth.

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