Unnatural movement

Step 1: To demonstrate this focus, you will need two gums. One small and one big.

Step 2: To begin with, you put a small rubber band on the index and middle fingers before the audience, as shown in the photo.

Step 3: Then take the second elastic band and entangle her four fingers.

Step 4: That's the way.

Step 5: Lightly squeeze your hand into a fist. Then sharply throw your fingers forward. It's incredible! But, despite all the obstacles, the little gum moves to the ring finger and little finger in no time! How is this possible? What is it - incredible sleight of hand or real magic ???

Step 6: The case, of course, is not in magic, and not even in sleight of hand. It's a little trickery. The secret is as follows: Bending your fingers into a fist, you unnoticed for the viewer pulling a small elastic band on all the fingers, as shown in the animation. At this time, you can pretend that you are adjusting a large rubber band - to divert your eyes, shifting it with the four fingers of the second hand. At the same time pulling a small rubber band with your thumb.

Step 7: That's what you should get.

Step 8: But what about the obstacle? Look, in fact, a large rubber does not prevent the movement of the small to other fingers.

Step 9: Now you know the simple secret of an incredible focus, do not disclose it to anyone! A little practice before the show, and you will certainly get to surprise your viewers.

Lesson added by Kristik Delik