8 steps

Step 1: You hold a handkerchief in front of the audience.

Step 2: Turn it the other side, showing that the handkerchief is ordinary and you have nothing in its hands.

Step 3: Turn the handkerchief back to the viewers. Drop one of its ends and take it as shown in the animation. Pull the upper corner up, then bend it. And everyone is surprised to see that you have a beautiful flower in your hands!

Step 4: You pull the flower out of the handkerchief and show it to the audience in all its glory. Now you can give a flower to someone, for example, a birthday girl. Believe me, this gift will be remembered for a long time. How did you manage such an amazing and beautiful trick?

Step 5: The secret of the focus: while preparing for the focus, you take the flower, and gently move the hand on the flower from the bottom up. So the flower is compressed in your fist.

Step 6: By holding the flower in this way, you can easily hide it from the viewer's eyes.

Step 7: The main thing is, do not let the flower give yourself away when you turn the handkerchief to the other side. This is not difficult at all. Just gently turn the handkerchief around, keeping the corner with the flower closer to yourself, and at the same time, gradually moving the stem, covered by the rest of the scarf, to the back of the kerchief.

Step 8: Look at the focus carefully once more, practice a little in front of the mirror. And you can surprise someone with a beautiful magic surprise on your birthday or other holiday, or maybe just for fun!!!

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