10 steps

Step 1: Let’s draw the basic shapes and lines, applying gentle pressure on the pencil. Start with three circles. The middle circle is slightly moved to the right; the bottom circle is larger than the other two.

Step 2: Trace three lines for the face proportions. The head is turned to the left so the middle line curves to the left. The other two are also inclined to the left. Draw a long wavy line from the bottom circle for the tail. The skunk’s tail is as long as the whole body. Add two small ovals for the feet.

Step 3: Now we start drawing the contours, pressing on the pencil normally. Outline the forehead and draw a tall crest of fur with a toothed line. Draw the mouth; its triangular bottom part goes beyond the head oval.

Step 4: Connect the middle and the bottom ovals with the contour of the back. Curve the line inward as a hook to mark the foot. Draw a line for the knee and another line for the tummy — this one goes from the middle of the foot to the top of the large circle. Mark the toes with two short lines, curving to the right.

Step 5: Draw the hands; the outer contours follow the middle circle and smoothly go down. The hands get narrow at the bottom. Connect the middle circle with the head on the right.

Step 6: Now let’s draw a large fluffy tail. Its left contour starts below the basic line. The tip of the tail is divided into two parts: one resembles a large drop, turned upside down, the other is a round curve. The left contour of the tail overlaps the drop. The middle part of the tail follows the basic line.

Step 7: Draw a white stripe on skunk’s face. It starts from the crest and goes down to the nose, getting very narrow. Don’t forget that the skunk has turned his head to the left, that’s why his nose is pointed to the left. Draw the rounded right leg.

Step 8: On the basic line of the face draw a short line, curving upward. Then draw a large half-oval for the gray spot and another half-oval for the eye. Draw the pupil and the lid.

Step 9: Draw the second eye. It is much lower than the right eye because the head is inclined to the left. Detail the face: draw a small ball for the nose, outline the inside of the mouth and draw a rounded little ear. Erase all the basic shapes and lines before coloring.

Step 10: And for the most fun part — let’s color the picture! Use two shades of gray to color the body and the head. The nose, the inside of the ear and the stripe on the tail are black. Trace over the contours again if they got blurred after coloring. The skunk is complete!

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