27 steps

Step 1: What you need:
1. Milky watercolor paper (with finely embossed texture).
2. Light orange, light green, rose and orange thick paper.
3. Orange, green and rose dotted cardboard with white hearts.
4. Scissors.
5. Shaped scissors.
6. A ruler.
7. A pencil.
8. Colored lace (3/8-5/8” wide) (1-1.5 cm) with hearts and flowers.
9. Scarlet corrugated paper ribbon 1/4”(0.5 cm) wide.
10. Stapler.
11. Rose staples.
12. Brad
13. Double-sided tape.
14. Double-sided foam tape.

Step 2: Get a A5 sheet of watercolor paper.

Step 3: Fold it in half.

Step 4: Using shaped scissors cut light orange rectangle 3-3/8Х5-1/4” (8.5X13.5 cm).

Step 5: Cut off 8” (20 cm) of the paper ribbon. Separate the little arms of the brad.

Step 6: Fold the ribbon three times and fix it with the brad.

Step 7: Make a bow.

Step 8: Press the arms of the brad into the upper part of the light orange rectangle.

Step 9: Turn the rectangle over.

Step 10: Separate the little arms of the brad.

Step 11: Cut a bit on of the ends.

Step 12: Stick the tape on the rectangle.

Step 13: Adhere the rectangle to the base of the card.

Step 14: Using the shaped scissors cut a rectangle 1-3/4Х2-1/4” (4.5X5.5 cm) from the watercolor paper.

Step 15: Stick the tape to the rectangle.

Step 16: Adhere the rectangle to the card. (We’ll need it to write the title on or you can glue any picture here).

Step 17: Cut off 5” (13 cm) of the lace.

Step 18: Attach on side of the lace to the card using the stapler and bending it inside.

Step 19: Bend the other side of the lace and also fix it with the stapler.

Step 20: Unfold the card.

Step 21: Fold a light orange sheet of paper (6-1/4Х8-1/4”) (16X21 cm) in half.

Step 22: Stick the tape inside the card.

Step 23: Adhere the light orange sheet inside the card.

Step 24: Cut three hearts from the colored cardboard (1Х1-3/8”) (2.5X3.5 cm). Cut the hearts from the rose, green and orange paper (1-1/4Х1-1/2”) (3X4 cm).

Step 25: Stick the foam tape to all the 6 hearts.

Step 26: Adhere single colored hearts to the card.

Step 27: Adhere the dotted orange heart to the green one, the rose with hearts to the orange one and the green to the rose one. The card is finished!

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