17 steps

Step 1: Before you a block of leaves for writing and a marker.

Step 2: You remove one sheet from the block.

Step 3: Offer any viewer to conceive any number from one to five, promising to guess it. You turn away and write a number on a piece of paper.

Step 4: Add a sheet with a number several times, and remove the marker away from yourself. Now, when everyone sees that the figure has already been written, and you can not cheat any more, you are offering a person who has conceived the figure to whisper in your ear to your assistant. Having explained that this is necessary in order to get your figure, the viewer also did not have the opportunity to cheat and say that he was planning another figure.

Step 5: Next, you take a box from the table.

Step 6: Open the box.

Step 7: Drop the leaf into the box.

Step 8: Close the box, and pass it to the viewer who conceived the figure.

Step 9: The viewer opens the box.

Step 10: Takes out a piece of paper.

Step 11: It unfolds a piece of paper and discovers exactly the figure on it.

Step 12: The secret of this focus is that when you prepared it, you took five identical leaves and wrote down all five figures on them. The sticky strip of the top of the leaves will give you the opportunity to glue the folded leaves to the caps of the boxes and bottles. Boxes and bottles with notes You put the focus on the table next to other props for tricks. It's good if you use them in the following tricks so that the audience does not think that they were prepared for this particular focus. And it does not matter what digit you write on the leaflet during the focus. It is important only from memory to choose the right box, as soon as you find out which figure was conceived. You will learn the figure you want because of your assistant. Hearing her, the assistant must give you the right sign. If he ran a hand through his hair - the largest figure was conceived - five. If for a moment he closed his eyes - four. He sniffed three. He opened his mouth a little. Did not do anything - one.

Step 13: Next, you just pretend that you lower the leaf that was held in your hands, into the box. In fact, putting your fingers in the box, you move the sheet with your thumb and make it stick to the middle finger.

Step 14: At the same time, you must keep the box under such a slope so that the viewer can no longer see its bottom.

Step 15: Closing the same box, you quietly slip the thumb of the second hand under the lid and lightly throw off, glued to her leaf, at the bottom of the box.

Step 16: That's it.

Step 17: Now you can safely give the box to the viewer, and while everyone will look at it, discreetly get rid of the leaf, glued to your hand. If you have a good memory, then you can invite the viewer to guess one of ten figures. You can also guess one of the five or ten first letters of the alphabet.

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