Android application generation

Instructions for creating and generating step-by-step Android applications

Step-by-step instructions for creating an application.

Create a course
The first step in creating an application is the process of creating a lesson course. To do this, go to your profile page and select "Courses" in the right menu. On the course page, click on the link "Add Course". In the form that opens, fill in all the required fields and save the data for the new course.
Creating a section
Further in the course you need to create sections. To do this, go to the "Courses" section in your personal profile and click the "Manage" button on the card of the required course. On the page that opens, you must click the "Add section" button. In the form that opens, fill in the required fields and save the information.
Creating lessons
Next, go to the creation of lessons. To do this, go to the management page of the desired section. Courses> Course Control> Sections> Manage Section. To create a lesson, select "Create a step-by-step lesson." Fill out and save the form.
Creating a keystore for signing applications
To create a keystore, go to the personal profile via the link "Android Applications", in the page that opens, click the "Add a keystore" menu item. Fill in the required fields and save the data.
Creating an Android Application
The next step on our difficult path is to create an Android application. To do this, in the personal profile, under Android Applications, click Add Application. In the form that opens, fill in the required fields and save the data.
Generate and load .apk file
The final step in creating our application is the actual automated generation process. To start the generation in the personal profile in the Android Applications item, click the Manage button in the desired application. On the page that opens, select the required version of the program and click the Generate button. The process of generating the .apk file will start, it may take several minutes. After generation is complete, you can download the application file by clicking the Download button. Have questions? Write me on this site or email

After downloading, the .apk file will be saved on your computer. The next step is to publish this file on Google Play.

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