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How to make money on Android applications?

The share of smartphones with the Android operating system is at least 80% of their total number. In former times, sites were the main channel for delivering content to the end user. But times change and technology, too. Now more and more users consume content through their smartphones. And this fact leads to the conclusion that the probability of delivering information increases if you have your own high-quality mobile application.

For example, you are a culinary master and run your website or groups in social networks on this topic. In this case, you have the opportunity to significantly expand the circle of users by creating an application under the Android OS. Application monetization has two main models. The first is to make the application paid, the second option is to make money on embedded advertising. Which of these models is more effective depends on the specific application, but as a rule advertising revenue is higher than the income from the sale of paid applications.

The application can be developed independently - if you have the necessary skills, you can order the development from professionals - but this requires a significant investment of money. And you can generate it for free on our website - this will allow you to save both time and money.

A if there is no programming skills?
What to do in this case? It's pretty simple. Use our service to generate the application. All you need is to create a course of lessons on the site and generate an application based on this course. The chain of actions is as follows: publish the course and lessons, set the application settings through the site, insert your ad blocks into the application, generate a fully working .apk file ready for publishing to Google Play. Download the file and publish it in the app store.

At the moment the service is absolutely free. There are no restrictions on the number of published courses, lessons and application generation.

Who is this service oriented?
The Android application generation service will be useful for creative people who have something to say and learn and who want to capitalize on their knowledge and skills. The service completely eliminates the technical part of developing an application and significantly reduces the time it takes to release programs. It allows you to focus on preparing step-by-step lessons, instead of technical program development. Have questions? Write me on this site or email
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