Quilling School: Categories

“You won’t believe what this is made of!” That’s what you can say to your friends when you show them your quilling designs. It is really hard to believe that ordinary paper strips can be turned into marvelous lacy filigree. Animated instructions will help you create your first quilling project step by step. Just as everything great starts with little things, your project will start with making little — really little — basic shapes. Arm yourself with a quilling tool and quilling paper and don’t worry — it’s easier than it seems. When all the basic shapes are ready, then comes the most interesting part: combining them to make amazing quilling flowers, snowflakes, pictures or jewelry. Choose any of our free quilling patterns and start making magic. You think the color is too dark or the petals are too small? Great! That means we’ve managed to wake up your imagination! Create your own models and add some paper-made beauty to your lifestyle!