How to make Sushi: Categories

Making sushi is just too easy and too exciting to let the chef do it for you. Learn how to make sushi at home with your own hands! Even if you aren’t a fan of Japanese traditions, you would hardly refuse a light and healthy snack that is both nutritious and quick to prepare. Actually, sushi is not that Japanese anymore. For example, «Philadelphia» and «California» rolls originated in the United States, as you can tell from the names, but they have become a beloved sushi classic. Here you will find about 30 sushi recipes that are the most popular in the western world. We’ll show you how to make sushi rice and sushi sauces, how to chop vegetables and how to slice fish. And after all the preparations are done you will learn the techniques of making sushi rolls, nigirizushi, gunkan-maki and temaki. And don’t forget the aesthetic side! Nicely served exquisite dishes — that’s what gives sushi half their popularity.