How to Draw: Categories

People might say that not everyone has talent. Fine, let them say it. And while they’re talking, you’re starting to draw. Just take a pencil and follow us: a circle, now a line, and another line… not that difficult, is it? Our drawing school will help you satisfy your need for creativity. Learn how to draw in cartoon or classic style — draw a giraffe, a cat, a tallship or candle with your own hand. We’ll start with a structure of basic geometric shapes to help you get the right proportions. Next, we’ll draw the outlines, step by step. The animation will help you follow every line effortlessly. Finally, we’ll add color and shading to complete your picture. Simple and unpretentious, but it’s your own drawing. It’s a great feeling to look at the world through artists’ eyes. Don’t worry if you can do it or not — just draw!