How to Bead: Categories

Wouldn’t a beaded necklace or bracelet or even beaded embroidery make your favorite outfit look more special? Add a beaded detail to your style and see how the style becomes more yours — thanks to a unique piece of jewelry that you’ve made with your own hands. Beading is a truly wonderful thing, so why not take some wire and beads and get started with a beaded project? Well, we know what stops you: this relaxing pastime can turn into a serious challenge for your nerves. Don’t worry, we won’t let it happen. We’ll help you get those tiny glittering things together. Animated step-by-step instructions won’t let you get confused, and a wide variety of free beading patterns will rouse your own design talent. Learn how to create beaded jewelry and figurines without tearing your hair out over complicated schemes with a myriad of arrows. Are you ready to find beads on the floor all over your room? Then welcome to the colorful and sparkling world of beading!