X-ray vision Brain teasers and fun science tricks

Step 1: Do you have x-ray vision? No? Well, get ready–you soon will!

Step 2: Have someone cut out a number from a piece of card stock and wrap it in several layers of paper.

Step 3: Something like this. Now tell them that you can see the number without unwrapping it–and not by feeling it, either. Think it’s simple? Not even the sunlight will shine through several layers of paper. Doesn’t matter, you’ll be able to do it–even easily!

Step 4: Simply lay the wrapped number on a table, dip your fingers in water and moisten the outer layer of paper.

Step 5: After repeating this several times, the number will clearly appear. But there is another way.

Step 6: Take a pencil and rub it on the top layer of paper. Soon the number will become visible!

Step 7: See, it wasn’t that difficult after all to see what’s hidden from the eye!

Lesson added by Bunzarintana Rembrandt