19 steps

Step 1: You show the audience six cards. Three black on one side and three red - on the other.

Step 2: share the cards into two parts.

Step 3: puts them on the table. Everyone knows that in a stack of three red cards, and the other - three black.

Step 4: Remove from the pile of black top card, and say - Now we will mix all the cards in one stack. First, put a black card

Step 5: Next, remove the top card from the pile and red with the words: - Now we put a red - also send it to the new stack.

Step 6: - Again, put the black - you say, showing the next card.

Step 7: - Again, the red - showing the red card and put it on top of the black.

Step 8: - Black - comment on the actions you.

Step 9: - And the last - the red. - Everyone can see that the top of the stack rests a red card. - Now the cards are through a: black, red, black, and so on. - To explain you what all is, of course, so clear. - But our focus is called Water and oil. Due to the properties of the oil to move to the surface if the pour it into water. Now I snap my fingers, and all the red cards are moved over the black.

Step 10: You click on the cards with your fingers and shooting on the first card of the stack. It is, of course, the red, but that no one doubted.

Step 11: You shoot the second card - red and again! Now that's amazing!

Step 12: You're shooting the third card - red again!

Step 13: The first black card only comes fourth.

Step 14: Behind it - a second black card.

Step 15: And the third.

Step 16:
There is no doubt, a miracle happened! - All the red cards themselves have moved top of the stack. What is the secret of such a surprising focus?

Step 17: Look carefully how the magician has to initially keep the cards. From the card backs, index and middle finger of his right hand lying on the turn to the right - and, therefore, on the black.

Step 18: And on the front of the card - the left thumb is a magician on the turn to the left - on the red.

Step 19: Thus, severing the card swift motion, we quietly overtighten a red card for the viewer to black and one black - to the Reds. We now important not to confuse what cards during card mix in the new stack can show the viewer face, and what does not. Dividing the cards into two piles as needed, simply repeat the trick for us step by step. Show your focus quickly and confidently to the audience not to think about why you do not demonstrate all the cards. If done correctly, the focus will very impressive!

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