Uramaki «Philadelphia» How to make Sushi

Step 1: You will need (for one person):
— 4–4.5 oz/120—130 g prepared sushi rice
— 2–2.5 oz/60—70 g salmon
— 2 tsp. cream cheese
— 1/2 nori sheet

Step 2: Take a cutting board, a sharp knife, a bamboo mat covered with plastic wrap and a bowl of clean water.

Step 3: Slice the salmon fillet lengthwise with the grain of the fish, as thin as you can. The slices should be a little wider, than the width of the finished roll.

Step 4: Place the nori on the top of the mat shiny side down. Take a handful of rice and cover the nori sheet with it evenly. Let the rice go beyond the nori edge a bit at the bottom. Wash your hands in the bowl.

Step 5: Cover the rice with the bottom part of the mat and gently press on it to make the rice layer even.

Step 6: Flip the mat over and unfold it.

Step 7: Spread the cream cheese in the center of the nori with a teaspoon.

Step 8: Position your thumbs under the edge of the mat closest to you and start lifing it. With your fingers, stick the uncovered part of nori to the cheese.

Step 9: Finish rolling and squeeze the roll to form a tube shape.

Step 10: Lay 2 slices of salmon evenly on top of the roll. Place them close to each other.

Step 11: Wrap the roll in the mat again, pressing fish and rice together to shape the roll.

Step 12: Put the roll on the cutting board and cut it in half with a wet knife. Then put the two halves together and cut off the outside edges of the roll for a clean look.

Step 13: Cut both parts in half again and then again to get eight pieces. Moisten the knife before each cut.

Step 14: Uramaki «Philadelphia» is ready to serve.

Step 15: Serve with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

Lesson added by Sergey Burlakov