11 steps

Step 1: To demonstrate this impressive magic trick you will need a few sheets of paper, a cup and one die.

Step 2: Show your audience that the cup and die are ordinary.

Step 3: Cover the cup with the pieces of paper and press them onto the cup.

Step 4: Now cover the die with the cup and announce that the die will fall to the floor straight through the table.

Step 5: Tap the cup on the table several times.

Step 6: Lift the cup, and see that the die hasn’t gone anywhere. Feeling embarrassed, you pick up the die and turn it in your hand, wondering why the magic trick didn’t work.

Step 7: Cover the die with the cup once again, and promise to your audience that this time it will work. Tap the cup on the table several times.

Step 8: Pick up the cup again and place it next to the die, which still hasn’t disappeared. You are looking upset now, but decide to give it one more try.

Step 9: Having covered the die with the cup, you raise your hand over the cup and hit it out of frustration. And something completely unexpected happens – the paper is flattened under your hand! And at the same moment everyone hears something hit the floor.

Step 10: You lift the paper, and there is the die still in its place, but the cup is gone! You bend down and pick up the cup from the floor. You apologize that something has gone wrong, and the cup fell through the table instead of the die. And the audience is in shock!

Step 11: What actually happened? The secret is that after the first attempt, when you were distracting the audience with the die, you brought the paper with the cup close to yourself and let the cup drop unnoticed into your lap. On the second attempt, you cover the die only with the paper, still formed in the shape of the cup, and nobody suspects that the cup is not there. Finally, when you smash the paper onto the table, you move your legs to let the cup fall onto the floor, giving the impression that the cup has fallen through the table.

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