9 steps

Step 1: In your hands, a coin and a handkerchief. You hide a coin under your handkerchief and invite the viewer to hold it. The spectator holds a coin in a scarf, feeling it. Then the viewer releases the coin.

Step 2: But instead of falling to the floor, the coin just disappears.

Step 3: The secret of this focus in your belt, in which there is a small pocket.

Step 4: Just take the belt, sewn from two layers of fabric.

Step 5: And make a cut in it with one of the sides. The incision should be slightly longer than the diameter of the coin.

Step 6: When performing the focus, you should stand at the table to block off the viewer, how you pick up the belt, and how it falls back. Handkerchief take a large size, so that its ends fall just below the countertop. So you can do everything unnoticed. So, launching a coin under a handkerchief, you imperceptibly pick up the end of the belt. And with a handkerchief, put the coin in a secret pocket.

Step 7: That's it.

Step 8: Holding a coin in your fingers, unaware of the trick the viewer will keep it in your belt.

Step 9: Now, when the spectator releases the coin, the belt will simply return to its place, and all will seem that the coin has evaporated! And even though all the audience together scour the floor, your table, let them check your hands - they will not find the coins!

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