11 steps

Step 1: You show the audience the two cards. One face, another - shirt.

Step 2: flips cards. Now the audience knows that you Joker and deuce of hearts.

Step 3: You take the card, turn to face the audience, and put it on the table. The second card is removed himself behind his head. All are confident that you have in hand deuce of hearts. But you still ask the audience what card is on the table and what you have.

Step 4: After steady response of viewers, to everyone's surprise, you remove from a head of the Joker! One might assume that you have changed a deuce on the second Joker, who was hiding somewhere behind the collar. In this case, you can with a clear conscience to show the audience that the collar you are not hiding anything. After that you can re-map hide behind his head just for a moment, and this time take out from behind the head has a deuce of hearts. Now let viewers guess when you have time to change the card lying on the table, the one that you have in your hands. Perhaps you own hypnosis?

Step 5: But it is, of course, not in hypnosis. Before you focus prepared not two, but four cards. Joker and the deuce of hearts, and a couple of others - what kind of card does not matter.

Step 6: On the right side of one of the "unknown" card, you stuck a piece of double-sided tape.

Step 7: And this adhesive tape stuck to the first map - the second.

Step 8: Do you get a card with a face on both sides!

Step 9: Next, you take the Joker and a deuce and glued them together shirts.

Step 10: Now you understand what the whole thing - a deuce and a joker, it does not separate the two cards, one-sided card!

Step 11: To the viewer does not notice the trick during the initial demonstration cards directly in the coup cards, you quietly, smooth movement of the fingers, change the place cards. Practice imperceptibly change map places when turning, not to betray her secret during focus. (Remember, the cards move and turn at the same time and quickly). Now it is small - removing the card for a head, you just flip it quickly. After that the audience already demonstrate the opposite side of the double card. Keep the card exactly, so that the audience could not see her other side. When you have finished focus, quickly remove the card in your pocket and go to the next trick, giving the viewer the possibility to shift attention to the card lying on the table. Act confident and everyone will believe that you are a true magician!

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