6 steps

Step 1: Are you in the hands of a transparent tube and scarf. You put the handkerchief into a tube in front of the viewer.

Step 2: make a wave of his hands, and the handkerchief disappears! It seems that this is impossible! Where handkerchief could disappear in an instant?

Step 3: And all the matter in the fishing line that you previously tied to one of the corners of the handkerchief, threading it into the corner with a needle. (Incidentally, the length of fishing line should be approximately equal to the distance from the wrist of one of your hands up to the elbow the other).

Step 4: The free end of the fishing line you are attached to a bracelet worn by hand. (It is better if the bracelet will sit on his arm tightly - it can be a bracelet on the clock).

Step 5: After this training, you are stuck his handkerchief into the hands of the sleeve, which wearing a bracelet. (It is better if the sleeve is free to the width, then it will not in future prevent the sudden disappearance of the headscarf).

Step 6: Then you dragged the handkerchief under her clothes to a second arm, and dragged through it, pulled out. After all the preparation, the main thing to keep a handkerchief at the audience so that they could not see the fishing line. Scarf should look natural. At the same time your arms should be slightly bent at the elbows to the fishing line is not stretched. Waving his own hands during the focus, you pull your hands sharply and fishing line, natyanuvshis, pulls a handkerchief in his sleeve. That's the whole secret of the sudden disappearance!

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