5 steps

Step 1: Several coins are lying on a table in front of you.

Step 2: You turn away from the table and invite a volunteer to take one of the coins. The volunteer holds the coin in her hand. Instruct her to grip the coin in her fist, focus her thoughts on it, perhaps even imagining what she could buy with it.

Step 3: Then the volunteer puts the coin back on the table, remembering where she placed it.

Step 4: You turn back around, acting as though you are trying to feel the energy of the coin held by the volunteer, while lightly touching the volunteer’s palm. And then, making no mistake, you pick out the coin held by the volunteer. You can even do it with closed eyes. You can also sniff each coin, one by one, saying that you can detect the right coin by its smell.

Step 5: But the secret to the magic trick lies not in a scent, but in the temperature of the coin, which was warmed by the volunteer’s hand. The correct coin is easily distinguished from the other, colder coins. It’s as simple as that!

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