The power of thought

Step 1: In front of you are two paper bags, a spoon and a fork.

Step 2: Take the spoon and one bag.

Step 3: Quickly drop the spoon into the bag.

Step 4: Close the bag.

Step 5: Take the fork and drip it likewise into the other bag.

Step 6: Hand both bags to the audience.

Step 7: “By the power of thought I will now make the spoon and fork disappear,” you announce.

Step 8: Take the bags back from the audience, who are convinced nothing happened because they can feel that there’s still something in the bag. Then, to everyone’s surprise, you pull out a bent spoon! Appearing somewhat confused, you say, “Maybe the paper bag is too thick, and the spoon bent when it tried to go through it.”

Step 9: Then you take out the fork – and the same thing has happened!

Step 10: “I guess I’ll have to do some more thought training!” you conclude.

Step 11: How did the spoon and fork really get bent? When you dropped them into the bag, you quickly bent them with your thumb. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Lesson added by Bunzarintana Rembrandt