The obedient little boat

Step 1: One can learn to steer a large boat, but what about a tiny paper one? Easy! For this experiment you’ll need: a bowl of water, piece of paper (for making the paper boat) and a plastic comb. Keep in mind that the air where you are doing the experiment should be dry.

Step 2: Launch your boat into the water.

Step 3: Rub the comb vigorously with wool fabric (or flannel or hair). Lower the comb toward the boat and then to one side.

Step 4: The boat obediently follows the comb. To make the experiment more interesting, try launching the tiny boat–or many of them–in a bathtub. Set up a boat race with several people–each with their own “magic wand” to steer the boats.

Lesson added by Bunzarintana Rembrandt