3 steps

Step 1: In front of you stands a clear bottle or glass with a pen inside. You move your hand toward the bottle and begin to move the pen from a distance. The pen obediently rises, then descends; dances and begins to fly, as though from some invisible power.

Step 2: The secret is simple. Before performing the magic trick, tie the end of a thin thread to the cap of the pen. Tie the other end to a button on your clothes, or anything else that will be at the level of the table – so the thread will be hidden from the audience.

Step 3: Now lower the pen into the bottle cap first, and set the bottle on the table. While gesturing with your hands near the bottle, move your body back unnoticed and make the pen rise. Moving toward the bottle again, the pen descends. And no one will doubt that you truly have the power of telekinesis.

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