8 steps

Step 1: Take the balloon of the size 260 and inflate it, leaving about 2″/ 5 cm uninflated at the end. You will need them to move the air inside the balloon as you twist. Look at the proportions of the model shown on the picture.

Step 2: Make one long bubble for the hilt and three round bubbles of equal size. Make the bubbles, starting from the knotted end, and twist them in one direction by one hand. Hold the bubbles you’ve made in the other hand to prevent them from untwisting.

Step 3: Fold the bottom two bubbles over.

Step 4: Twist the second and fourth bubbles together several times.

Step 5: Make three round bubbles of the same size as previous round bubbles.

Step 6: Fold the bottom bubbles and the hilt back.

Step 7: Twist the first and third bubbles together several times. The hilt should be in the middle.

Step 8: The sword is complete.

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