Smoked eel with hot sauce, wrapped in nori.

Step 1: You will need (for one person):
— 1.5–2 oz/45—60 g prepared sushi rice
— 1.5–2 oz/45—60 g smoked eel
— 1 tsp spicy sauce
— 3 strips of nori (each strip 1/6 of a sheet)

For spicy sauce (3 tsp):
— 1.5 tsp mayonnaise
— 0.5 tsp hot chili paste (or powder)
— 2/3 tsp red tobiko (flying fish roe)

Step 2: Take a cutting board, a sharp knife and a bowl of clean water.

Step 3: Slice the eel lengthwise into thin strips. Then finely chop the strips.

Step 4: Put the chili pepper paste, mayonnaise and tobiko in one cup. Be careful, the chili pepper paste is very hot!

Step 5: Stir the ingredients to make a smooth sauce.

Step 6: Mix the eel with 1 tsp. spicy sauce.

Step 7: Take a small clump of rice and shape it into a cylinder. The nori strip should be about half an inch wider and more than twice as long as the rice cylinder. Wash your hand in the bowl after handling the rice.

Step 8: Wrap the nori around the rice cylinder, leaving about half an inch nori strip above the rice.

Step 9: Attach the end of the nori strip to the maki with water or with rice grains. Cut off the remaining part of the strip.

Step 10: Press on the rice with your thumb to compact it and shape the maki — traditional gunkan-maki has the shape of a boat.

Step 11: Fill the gunkan-maki with eel, mixed with spicy sauce.

Step 12: Make three such pieces for one person.

Step 13: Serve with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

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