6 steps

Step 1: We show this magic trick using a snowman candle holder. But you can demonstrate it on yourself using a scarf or bathrobe tie.

Step 2: The magician takes a small scarf and wraps it around the snowman.

Step 3: Pulling on the scarf by its ends, the scarf passes right through the snowman!

Step 4: The secret of this trick is on how the scarf is wrapped around the snowman. As you see, the magician only gives the impression that the scarf goes completely around.

Step 5: He simply makes a loop on one half of the scarf, and passes the other half of the scarf over it.

Step 6: When the magician pulls on the ends of the scarf, the loop comes free and the scarf appears to pass through the snowman. Before performing this trick, practice several times in front of a mirror to be sure that the wrapping of the scarf looks natural. To ensure success, the “wrapping” of the scarf needs to be done quickly.

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