11 steps

Step 1: You will need:
— 12 white quilling paper strips
— quilling glue
— fine-tip scissors
— *a toothpick or a match
— *slotted quilling tool

Step 2: Make 6 very loose marquises (each of 1 white strip) and 6 small marquises (each of 1/2 of a white strip). Glue one small marquise to the large marquise.

Step 3: Glue another small marquise on the other side of the large marquise.

Step 4: Glue a large marquise to the second small marquise and then attach another large one. Go on until you get a full circle.

Step 5: Take a piece of a white strip. Spread some glue on it and glue it between the two long points of the snowflake. Curve the central part of the strip inward a bit to make it touch the short marquise.

Step 6: Glue white strips between the other long points the same way.

Step 7: Cut off a very short piece of a strip and curl it on both ends. Apply glue to its central part and attach it to one of the long points.

Step 8: Make five more of such curls and attach one to each of the long points.

Step 9: Make 6 small white arrows, each of 1/4 of a strip. Glue an arrow to one of the points.

Step 10: Attach an arrow to each of the rest five points.

Step 11: The snowflake is complete. Hang it on your Christmas tree!

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