13 steps

Step 1: On your desktop a few balls and a small skewer or long needle. (Warning: It is better if this trick will show an adult, or whether he should be prepared and displayed under adult supervision).

Step 2: You inflate balloons and, to everyone's surprise, the first bead strung on a skewer.

Step 3: Expectations of viewers that the ball burst, are not justified. Not only that, the ball remains intact, you have it right, and scroll to the skewer.

Step 4: But this is not enough you also. You take and strung on a skewer second ball.

Step 5: How is this possible? You can easily create balls of kebab!!!

Step 6: The point, of course, in the preparation of the beads. To begin with, you to turn out all the necessary balls to the wrong side. And just to stock up plaster and scissors.

Step 7: Then evenly stretch of the ball (about the middle of it).

Step 8: And a good flush paste on a stretched piece of the patch. The same make and with the second (opposite) side of the ball. Important note: Scotch in this case is not as robust as a fabric patch - under it easily penetrates the air, which gives the opportunity to burst the ball at the most inopportune moment. And the disadvantage of this is not only spoiled the focus, but also that the bursting, the ball will drop needle knitting needle or skewer in the magician or the spectator. Due to the existence of such a danger, just in case, from the beginning the focus to the very end firmly hold the piercing gun in his hand, not letting it pop up, even if you unexpectedly pierce the ball in the wrong place.

Step 9: wrenched the ball on the front side. So do the rest of the balls.

Step 10: Look, inflating balloons, we have spread and place with adhesive tape. Do not inflate the balls tightly, otherwise the audience can easily notice the patch inside them! So, it is better if the adhesive will be in the lower half of the ball - is less translucent. (Practice before the show focus - because of his show, you should be able to quickly and accurately determine the location of future puncture).

Step 11: inflating balls, demonstrates their audience so that the patch in any case not rushed in the eye.

Step 12: The beads can be strung on a skewer, not only, but also with the needle thread. But this option is not showy. Due to the fact that hitting the thread balls blown off pretty quickly.

Step 13: And, then, showing focus with props, you'll have to act very quickly. And just as quickly you will have to burst balloons strung on a thread, so as not to spoil the effect, but rather strengthen it. By the way, if you stick a patch on the ball is not in two, and four, six or eight places, it can be strung to several skewers, who crossed himself with the other sisters inside the ball!!!

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