This knot is good for joining flat lashes such as belts or bands. «Single Carrick bends» is a name of a group of knots that resemble the Carrick Bend and can be tied by mistake instead of the latter. Most of them are insecure and useless, but this one is relatively safe and easy to untie.

Step 1: Cross the running end over the standing part to make a loop.

Step 2: Thread the 2nd running end under the 1st one and through the loop.

Step 3: Pass over the 1st running end and under the 1st standing part.

Step 4: Continue over the first running end.

Step 5: Pass under the 2nd standing part.

Step 6: Pull both standing parts to tighten the knot.

Step 7: The Single Carrick Bend is complete.

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