Shoe How to Draw

Step 1: 1 As you can see, the form of the subject is a little distorted. This is necessary in order to give it depth. In order to draw a nice 3D drawing you must try very hard to reproduce the distorted outline of the drawing exactly. In this particular case, the simplest way is to use a coordinate grid. Both the object and your paper must be divided into an identical amount of squares. Number the squares. Don’t forget that the size of your drawing will depend on the size of the squares on your paper. After this, in each square you will reproduce a part of the picture.

Step 2: 2 The end result will be the whole picture. If a line of the drawing continues from one square into another, be sure that you draw it from one to the other smoothly, without breaking it off.

Step 3: 3 Don’t forget that your drawing is one whole, the squares are just there to help you

Step 4: 4

Step 5: 5

Step 6: 6

Step 7: 7 In the end we will erase the grid, and then the drawing is ready to be painted or colored.

Step 8: 8

Step 9: 9

Step 10: 10

Step 11: 11

Step 12: 12 Shading gives a 3D drawing depth. Determine which side of the drawing the shadow falls on. We will approximately sketch in the form of the shadow, keeping in mind the projecting parts of the silhouette.

Step 13: 13 The closer it is to the source of light, the more saturated the shadow. It’s best to draw the shadows with a soft pencil. First lightly sketch the shadows and then darken them to suit you.

Step 14: 14 Remember that the shadow is darker in the places where it touches the surface of the object.

Step 15: 15 That’s it, your drawing is ready! In order to increase the 3D effect you can cut out your drawing according to the example.

Step 16: 16 Now grab your camera and find the correct perspective, and you will see that your drawing comes to life!

Lesson added by Sergey Burlakov