Squid and shiitake salad with sweet and sour sauce.

Step 1: Ingredients:
— 2 cucumbers
— 100 g cooked squid
— 50 g pickled shiitakes
— half of a chili pepper (optional)
— sweet and sour sauce

Step 2: Slice cucumbers lengthwise into thin strips, and make some cuts.

Step 3: Cur shiitake mushrooms.

Step 4: Cut squid into round slices.

Step 5: Dice chili pepper removing the seeds.

Step 6: Put shiitake mushrooms into a bowl.

Step 7: Add squid rounds.

Step 8: Add chili pepper (to your taste).

Step 9: Mix all the ingredients.

Step 10: Arrange cucumbers on the plate.

Step 11: Put squid rounds, shiitake and chili pepper on top of the cucumber.

Step 12: Dress with sweet and sour sauce.

Step 13: The salad is ready!

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