8 steps

Step 1: Are you in the hands of a deck of cards. On the table lies a pack of cards.

Step 2: you offer a wish to select any card.

Step 3: The viewer pulls the card and stores it.

Step 4: You return the card in the deck.

Step 5: The deck is placed in the package.

Step 6: Keep a box of cards in one hand. Fingers of second hand stir in boxes as if kolduete or pull on the invisible thread. And, suddenly, the audience selected card is like obeying your fingers, begin to crawl out of the pack, rising up!

Step 7: The secret of focus extremely simple. Prior to the demonstration of focus You just made a slot on the back side of the package from the card.

Step 8: During focus the viewer is unlikely to pay attention to the fact that you keep the box only four fingers. In this fifth Your finger will always be hidden packaging, and nothing will prevent him gradually push the card out of the package! That's all!

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