Revived fish

Step 1: For the experiment you will need: a sheet of thick paper, scissors, a plate with water, a plastic tube and vegetable oil. First, cut out the fish from the paper. In the middle of a fish cut out a round hole, connecting it with a tail by a narrow channel, as shown in the photo.

Step 2: Pour a little water into the plate. To properly lower the fish on the water, without dousing its upper side, put the fish on the fork.

Step 3: When the fish falls flat on the water, the plug must be gently drowned and pulled from the plate.

Step 4: Next, cut off a piece of straw. One end of the tube is lowered into the oil, after which, the upper end is clamped with a pad of the finger. Now a tube with butter needs to be transferred to the fish.

Step 5: Aim the lower end of the tube directly on the round hole and remove the finger from the top end. Oil from the tube will flow out into the hole.

Step 6: Now watch what you get. Seeking to spill over the surface of the water, the oil will flow through the canal from the hole to the tail of the fish, finding the only way available to it. The very fish, under the influence of oil, will swim ahead! Breathe into the fish of life was yours! Is not it?

Lesson added by Kristik Delik