13 steps

Step 1: You show the audience a match.

Step 2: For all you break off the head at the match.

Step 3: The match is broken.

Step 4: Ask one of the audience to reach out to you. Place a match without a head in the hand of the spectator and ask him to clasp his hand tightly in the fist.

Step 5: Bring the head of the match to the spectator's fist and lightly hit it on the fingers of the viewer, but nothing happens.

Step 6: You put the head of the match on your palm, and roll it a little from side to side, carefully looking. After that, again take the head of the match with palm trees.

Step 7: Again touch the fist of the viewer. And, suddenly, the match head disappears from your hand.

Step 8: You ask the viewer to show everyone his palm. On his palm lies a whole match! The head mysteriously grew to the rest of the match!

Step 9: The secret of the focus in the match head, which you prepared in advance.

Step 10: Showing the audience a whole match, you take it in your hand so that the viewer can not see how exactly you hold it. Then, bring an additional match head to the tip of the match and pretend to break it off by clicking the nail on the tip of the match.

Step 11: Naturally, on the palm of the viewer you put the whole match. But her head is hidden by your fingers. And even before you completely release the match, it should be hidden by the viewer's fingers - it is desirable that you help the viewer to clench his fist, bending his fingers with his free hand during his speech.

Step 12: Where does the extra match head disappear? Tapping it for the first time on the hand of the viewer, you gave viewers the habit of using the fact that with such movements, the match head is clamped in your fingers. In fact, the second time you knock on the hand of the viewer just with your fingers. The head of the match you, rolling, imperceptibly pound into the gap between the fingers of the second hand.

Step 13: And then just imitate her lifting with the first hand. The matchhead you hide with your bent fingers and quickly get rid of it, dropping somewhere. You see how easy it is to learn to repair damaged objects!

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