6 steps

Step 1: You take a piece of paper and quickly write a few words on it, not allowing the viewers to read it. Folding the paper and put away to the side.

Step 2: Then pick up a newspaper clipping and scissors. Slowly driving a pair of scissors from the top down on the leaves, inviting any interested person at any time, say "Stop". Once a person says "Stop", you are cut off from the part of the leaf, which fell to the scissors. Convey a sheet viewer and invite him to read the first word of the clippings.

Step 3: unfolded sheet of paper on which he wrote at the beginning of the focus. And viewers are convinced that the words written by you, is exactly the same as the first words on the clipping. In our case, these are the words: "Have everyone." How did you so accurately able to predict what the words on the clipping will be the first? After all, you can not know in advance when a spectator says "Stop".

Step 4: And the whole secret "of your abilities" that was originally in the hands of you was not an ordinary newspaper clipping. You cut out separately from the newspaper catchy headline and separately - Article piece corresponding to the width of the header.

Step 5: Next, take a piece of transparent adhesive tape and stuck it to the article below (just below), on the back side.

Step 6: By the same tape, glue close to the article title. As a result, you titled article was turned upside down. That article is reversed, with not very bright light, sitting at a distance from you, the viewer will notice. The more that you deliberately chose an article in small print. Now you understand that no matter where the viewer say "Stop", it reads exactly those words that are the first in your article originally carved piece. After you cut off the top part of her audience, not the bottom as he thinks!

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