Pratt How to Tie a Tie

Step 1: What you see in the picture is your mirror reflection: you will see the same picture if you stand in front of the mirror. Drape the tie over your neck inside out. The wide end should be on your right. The narrow end should be about a foot long.

Step 2: Bring the wide end under the narrow end.

Step 3: Pass the wide end through the loop around your neck from above and to the left. Pull the knot tight after every step to prevent it from working loose.

Step 4: Bring the wide end over the narrow end to the right.

Step 5: Pass the wide end between the collar and the knot from beneath.

Step 6: Pass the wide end downward through the loop it has formed. Tighten and shape the knot.

Step 7: Adjust the position of the knot, holding it with one hand and pulling the narrow end with the other.

Step 8: The Pratt knot is complete!

Lesson added by Sergey Burlakov