19 steps. Design © Nick Robinson. www.origami.me.uk

Step 1: Take a sheet of A4 (or letter) size paper, fold it in half sideways to make a crease and unfold.

Step 2: Fold downward about 1/3 of the paper and unfold. (Tip: you may skip this step and make steps 3 and 4 first. If you make step 2 after them, it will be easier for you to make this crease on the right place)

Step 3: Fold the left top corner downward, making the top edge meet the right edge and unfold.

Step 4: Fold the right top corner the same way and unfold.

Step 5: Fold the top part along the creases you’ve made.

Step 6:

Step 7: Fold the side flaps upward, bringing the bottom edges parallel to the center line.

Step 8: Fold the corners towards each other, bringing the outer side edges of the triangular flaps to their inner side edges. Unfold.

Step 9: Unfold the corners.

Step 10: Fold the central parts of the flaps inward.

Step 11: Fold the top part backward, leaving the two central triangles unfolded.

Step 12: Fold the item in half backward.

Step 13: Fold the first wing to the right slantwise.

Step 14: Fold the second wing the same way.

Step 15: Fold the first wing to the left vertically, almost in half.

Step 16: Fold the second wing the same way.

Step 17: Slightly unfold the wings.

Step 18: Unfold the item.

Step 19: The Hawkeye is complete! Launch it into the sky!

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