7 steps

Step 1: In front of you is a matchbox.

Step 2: Open the matchbox to show your audience that it is empty.

Step 3: Close the matchbox. Say some magic words.

Step 4: Open the match box once again, and to everyone’s surprise–it’s full of matches!

Step 5: The secret to the magic trick is inside the matchbox–more precisely, two insides.

Step 6: To create the magic matchbox, you will need the inside portions from two identical matchboxes. You will need to cut off one side, as shown. In addition, cut a little off the top of the sides of the box which will be placed on top of the other, so the sides don’t protrude above the lower box. Fill one inside box with matches, and then fit both into the matchbox cover. Now it looks like an ordinary matchbox.

Step 7: Slide out the lower, empty box while inconspicuously holding the one with the matches in place. And then slide out both boxes together. What could be simpler–when you know the secret!

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