31 steps

Step 1: What you need:
1. Milky watercolor paper (with finely embossed texture).
2. Thick rose paper for scrapbooking (with finely embossed texture).
3. Light rose and lilac paper.
4. Matte silver cardboard.
5. Silver metallized cardboard with embossment.
6. Thin rose felt.
7. Paper ribbon with lilac stripes and hearts.
8. Lace lilac ribbon 2” (5 cm) wide.
9. Wavy lilac lace.
10. Lilac velvety lace 1/4” (0.7 cm) wide.
11. Thin rose string.
12. Hot glue gun for crafting.
13. Scissors.
14. Shaped scissors.
15. A ruler.
16. A pencil.
17. Lilac crystals with setting 1/4” (0.8 cm).
18. Three heart beads (1 rose and 2 lilac).
19. Silver paillettes (2 flowers with holes and a circle 3/4” (2 cm) in diameter).
20. Two small silver beads.
21. Large lilac seed beads 2 pcs.
22. A rose ring.
23. 2 silver pins 3/4” (1.8 cm).
24. A chain with a clasp.
25. Double-sided tape.
26. Double-sided foam tape.

Step 2: Get a sheet of A5 watercolor paper. With the help of a ruler fold the paper crosswise in half.

Step 3: Cut a rectangle 4X4-3/4” (10X12 cm) from the rose scrapbooking paper; a rectangle 3X4” (8X10 cm) from the lilac paper, and a rectangle 2-3/4X3-1/2” (7X9 cm) from the light rose paper.

Step 4: Stick the tape on the rectangles.

Step 5: Adhere the lilac rectangle on the rose one but with a slight decline.

Step 6: Adhere the rose rectangle on the lilac one without a decline.

Step 7: Cut from the felt a dress template (3-1/2” (9 cm) in height, 6” (15 cm) wide and 1-3/4” (4.5 cm) at the top).

Step 8: Cut off 6” (15 cm) and 7” (18 cm) of the lace ribbon.

Step 9: Cut off 3-1/2” (9 cm) of the velvety lace, 3-1/2” (9 cm) of the wavy lace and two pieces from the string 2-1/2" (6 cm) each.

Step 10: Using a hot glue gun adhere the longest lace ribbon to the bottom of the dress. Cut the ends on the cross.

Step 11: A bit above it adhere the second lace ribbon and cut the loose ends.

Step 12: Leave 1-1/8” (3 cm) from the top and make two folds, glue them.

Step 13: Cover the folds under the velvety lace and glue its ends to the inner part of the dress with the hot glue gun.

Step 14: Glue the wavy lace.

Step 15: Turn the dress over. From the string make the straps. Put some glue on the ends of the straps and quickly cover them with the ends of the wavy lace.

Step 16: Using the hot glue gun adhere heart beads to the rose rectangle.

Step 17: Put some glue on the belt of the dress and adhere the dress to the rectangles.

Step 18: Cut the hanger 1-3/4” (4.5 cm) long from the matte silver cardboard and from the metallized cardboard cut the crown 1” (2.5 cm) wide.

Step 19: Stick the foam tape to the hangers and the crown.

Step 20: Insert the hangers into the straps and adhere them. Adhere the crown.

Step 21: Cut from the matte silver cardboard the base for the mirror 2-1/2” (6.5 cm) in height and 1” (2.5 cm) in diameter. Cut a flower 1” (2.5 cm) in diameter from the rose scrapbooking paper.

Step 22: Stick the tape to the flower and a round paillette.

Step 23: Adhere the flower to the mirror base.

Step 24: Adhere the mirror.

Step 25: Get paillettes, beads, seed beads and pins.

Step 26: Thread beads and seed beads.

Step 27: Insert the ends of the pins into the upper and then the middle holes of the paillettes.

Step 28: Get the chain and the ring which will be a bracelet.

Step 29: Using the crystals with pins fix the mirror, bracelet and earrings to the rectangles.

Step 30: Using the tape adhere the ribbon with hearts to the bottom of the card.

Step 31: Adhere the decorated rectangles to the card. Fix the chain to the strap of the dress. The card for the princess is finished!

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