Card with a horse

Step 1: What you need:
1. Milky watercolor paper (with finely embossed texture).
2. Imitation wood paper (two colors).
3. Light orange thick paper.
4. Scissors.
5. Shaped scissors.
6. A ruler.
7. A pencil.
8. Red crystals with pins.
9. Linen thread.
10. Double-sided tape.
11. Double-sided foam tape.

Step 2: Get a sheet of A5 watercolor paper.

Step 3: With the help of a ruler fold the paper crosswise in half.

Step 4: Double up the sheet of paper.

Step 5: Using shaped scissors cut 2 rectangles 3-3/4X5” (9.5X13 cm) from imitation wood paper.

Step 6: Stick the tape to the both rectangles.

Step 7: Adhere the first rectangle to the front side of the card.

Step 8: Adhere the second rectangle to the back side.

Step 9: On a paper or a cardboard draw a horse 1-1/2” (4 cm) in height and 2-3/8” (6 cm) long. Also draw a rocker. Cut them off.

Step 10: Encircle the horse and the rocker on the imitation wood paper.

Step 11: Stick the tape to the horse and the rocker.

Step 12: Using shaped scissors cut a rectangle 2-3/8Х3-1/8”(6X8 cm) from watercolor paper and adhere the horse to it.

Step 13: Stick the foam tape to the rectangle.

Step 14: Adhere the rectangle to the card.

Step 15: Using shaped scissors cut a rectangle 2X2-3/4” (5X7 cm) from watercolor paper. Stick the tape to it.

Step 16: From the light orange paper cut a rectangle 1-1/4X2” (3X5 cm.) Stick the tape to it.

Step 17: Adhere the orange rectangle to the creamy one.

Step 18: Adhere the rectangles to the card.

Step 19: Make a bow from the thread 1-1/2Х1-3/4” (4-4.5 cm.)

Step 20: Get the crystals.

Step 21: Put the bow so that the knot is between the pins of the crystals.

Step 22: Attach the bow to the card between the watercolor paper rectangles.

Step 23: Stick the tape to the inner side of the card.

Step 24: Fold the light orange sheet of paper in half 5-1/2X8” (14X20 cm). Cut its sides with shaped scissors.

Step 25: Adhere this sheet inside the card.

Step 26: The card is finished!

Lesson added by Bunzarintana Rembrandt