21 steps

Step 1: What you need:
1. Milky watercolor paper (with finely embossed texture).
2. Light blue and blue thick paper.
3. Blue plaid origami paper.
4. Imitation wood paper.
5. Scissors.
6. Shaped scissors.
7. A ruler.
8. A pencil.
9. Double-sided tape.
10. Double-sided foam tape.

Step 2: Get a sheet of A5 watercolor paper.

Step 3: With the help of a ruler fold the paper crosswise in half.

Step 4: Double up the sheet of paper.

Step 5: Cut a light blue rectangle 3-1/2X5-1/4” (9X13.5 cm).

Step 6: Cut two stripes 5/8X4-1/8” (1.5X10.5 cm) and two stripes 5/8X6” (1.5X15 cm) from origami paper.

Step 7: Stick the tape to the rectangles and the stripes.

Step 8: Adhere the rectangle to the base of the card.

Step 9: Adhere to the card the top and bottom stripes.

Step 10: Adhere side stripes.

Step 11: Cut a ship from the imitation wood paper 3” (8 cm) long.

Step 12: Cut 6 sails from the watercolor paper from 1-3/8” (3.5 cm) up to 3” (8 cm) in height (You can run a contour of the sails using the a picture).

Step 13: Cut three waves 3” (6-7.5 cm) long using scissors and shaped scissors.

Step 14: Stick the tape to the ship, the waves, two bigger and one smaller sails.

Step 15: Adhere the ship to the card.

Step 16: Adhere the three sails.

Step 17: Adhere the first wave.

Step 18: Adhere the second wave.

Step 19: Adhere the third wave.

Step 20: Stick the foam tape to the rest of the sails.

Step 21: Adhere the sails to the card. (You can write your wishes, congratulations or stick a photo to the sails). The card is finished!

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