Spicy salad with fried tofu, spring onions and chili pepper.

Step 1: Ingredients:
-200g tofu
-Spring onions
-Cherry tomatoes
-Chili pepper
-100 ml soy sauce
-1 tb. spoon sesame oil

Step 2: Chop roughly spring onions around 4-5 cm.

Step 3: Cut cherry tomatoes into rounds.

Step 4: Cut tofu into cubes.

Step 5: Cut chili pepper into rounds, removing the seeds and stem.

Step 6: Add some sesame oil to the pan.

Step 7: Add tofu.

Step 8: Brown tofu on both sides.

Step 9: Add the spring onions to the bowl.

Step 10: Then add tomatoes.

Step 11: Now put fried tofu.

Step 12: Add chili pepper.

Step 13: Season with soy sauce.

Step 14: Carefully mix all the ingredients.

Step 15: The salad is ready!

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