10 steps

Step 1: For this magic trick you will need two shoelaces and a spool with thread.

Step 2: Show your audience the spool, which has two shoelaces passed through it.

Step 3: Tie one of the shoelaces into a knot, as shown in the photo. “Now the spool can’t go anywhere,” you say. Now invite someone from your audience to hold on to the shoelaces at one end. The other ends remain in your hands.

Step 4: On the count of three, both of you pull sharply on the shoelaces. The spool flies off, right through the laces.

Step 5: The secret of the magic trick is in the way the shoelaces are passed through the spool. To start, fold one of the laces in half.

Step 6: Pass the shoelace through the spool, leaving a small loop visible.

Step 7: Now fold the second lace in half.

Step 8: Pass the folded end through the loop of the first spool.

Step 9: Fold the loop back toward itself, as shown.

Step 10: Hide the loop inside the spool. Preparation is complete. The rest is simple–and astonishing!

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