17 steps

Step 1: You have a glass ball in your hand.

Step 2: You hide the ball under the handkerchief.

Step 3: Ask anyone to take a handkerchief with a ball in his hand.

Step 4: (This focus is good to show during the holiday, more specifically, during tea drinking) Take your glass with tea, and put a handkerchief over it.

Step 5: Ask the volunteer to release the ball.

Step 6: Then you ask the volunteer to take the glass, without removing the handkerchief from him, into his arms and lead him around in a circle. And also ask at this time to repeat for you complex spells. If the volunteer repeats the spells with errors, you ask him to correct - everything should be exact.

Step 7: When everything is done correctly, you ask the volunteer to pull the handkerchief off the glass. He pulls off his handkerchief, and everyone sees that there is no ball in the glass. However, someone might think that a transparent ball in dark tea is simply invisible.

Step 8: In that case, you give the volunteer a spoon and ask him to look for the ball in the glass. And he, of course, does not find him.

Step 9: But if someone is not convinced now? It's not a problem. You take an empty glass, and the volunteer slowly pours tea into it. The first glass - emptied! Ball in it, really not!

Step 10: Where did the glass ball go? - ask all the questions. And then you surprise the audience even more. You ask viewers to look in a glass with tea, standing on another table far from you, to which you for all the trick did not even fit.

Step 11: This is definitely impossible! But the ball is in the very third glass!

Step 12: Anyone can merge tea from a glass.

Step 13: And demonstrate to everyone else that at the bottom of the glass lies the very same glass ball !!!

Step 14: The secret of this amazing trick is that, before the focal point, you have prepared two completely identical glass beads. And one ball, which you molded from a small amount of soda and a drop of water. One glass ball you placed in advance in a glass with tea, standing far from your table. (But keep in mind that none of the guests should touch this tea). (If you are not sure that the tea will remain untouched, then take someone to your secret helpers - let it be his tea).

Step 15: When you show the audience a glass ball, a ball of soda is clamped with the base of the thumb of your hand. Under the handkerchief, you imperceptibly replace the balls. After that, while the audience is distracted by the volunteer and his actions, you throw the glass ball into your pocket.

Step 16: Energetic circular movements, done by a volunteer, contribute to the early disappearance of soda. In doing this, you purposely torment the volunteer by repeating complex spells, so that the soda will dissolve for sure. (An important nuance - thoroughly acidify the tea with lemon juice - so soda, really, will disappear). (It's good if quiet music plays in the room so that the volunteer does not inadvertently hear the hiss from the interaction of soda with acid).

Step 17: However, even if after the tearing of the handkerchief in the glass there will be several grains of soda, they will surely disappear after the volunteer stops the tea with a spoon! That's all! Now you know all the secrets of such an incredible and spectacular focus!!!

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