12 steps

Step 1: In your hands a handkerchief and a small object. You hide the object under a handkerchief.

Step 2: shows viewers that the object really is under the handkerchief. Perhaps they expect the item will disappear.

Step 3: But the focus is different. Thank you again hiding the object under a handkerchief.

Step 4: Collect a handkerchief in his fist at the base object. Now the object is securely packed in a scarf!

Step 5: However, you can easily pull out the object of the Garter traps! No doubt, a handkerchief full of holes! - Think of someone. And here and there!

Step 6: You show the audience that is absolutely a handkerchief!

Step 7: What is your secret? The fact that the audience confirming that the object is under the handkerchief, scarf you made on the subject behind a small fold of the thumb, as shown in the photo.

Step 8: From the outside it would look like a handkerchief so.

Step 9: Hiding the object under a handkerchief again, you threw for more than one side of the shawl, but two (remember that the scarf should be the same and from the inside and from the front, otherwise the focus will not work). (Throws a handkerchief need quickly and well, if a party handkerchief, which now will be on the outside, will reliably cover the side were under it).

Step 10: On the part of the subject under the handkerchief viewer should look like it is the subject of a handkerchief (for it is better to take a big scarf, which form a plurality of pleats, will not notice the viewer that it is folded in half). With your hand, it will look like you see in the photo.

Step 11: That is, the object is not a prisoner of the handkerchief.

Step 12: That's why you is not difficult to release it out! (Practice releasing the object so that the audience could not see, there is a hole in the scarf or not).

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